109 – You Can Not Handle the Live Streaming

After Daniel updates everyone about his elite-level run training, he starts to chastise Adam about something he heard on “Throwing Down” (Adam’s podcast with Joe Betance). Before he can even make a point, Adam reveals that he also wants to discuss this topic. In typical Adam fashion, he re-hashes too many details about something that could have been narrowed down to a few sentences. 

It turns out that Adam is upset about Joe’s belief that Adam reads the chat room too much during “Throwing Down” and has been “banned” from live-streaming the recording of the show whereas Daniel is upset that Adam never listens to his stories. Long story short: they will start tagging items on the show rundown denoting items that should not be interrupted.

The most number of phone calls in forever floods the contact segment. Celebrities are dead, people get entries into the contest, and the truth about the Australian School System is revealed. You probably didn’t expect to gain an intercontinental expose of competing school systems when you saw that this was the contact segment – but trust me that is where we ended up.

Daniel left raw meat in his RV when he left the campground last weekend. He wonders what will he find on Feb 5th when he returns? If you are mourning the loss of Splash Mountain at Disney, you are just a racist. 

The news game was played and the Test Kitchen was visited. Finally we learned that friend of the show Kathy Bacon is actually the author of “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat” the best-selling cookbook in like a bajillion years. Good for you Kathy! (please send us money). 

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