136 – They are Throwing AI at the Kitchen Sink

Welcome to an episode where we cover everything from tech troubles to TV trivia. Join us as we share our struggles with pivot tables and Microsoft’s Co-Pilot feature, and how we’re grappling with technical issues around internet connectivity. Our conversations might be tech-heavy at times, but they’re relatable for anyone who’s ever wrestled with technology. But it’s not all code and connections, we also discuss our intriguing relationship with Microsoft through our experience with the Spit Valve Factory.

The treadmill or the open road? If you’re a runner, you know the challenges of both. We get real about the deception of treadmills, the difficulty of switching back to outdoor running, and the thrill of upcoming events like the Halloween race and Pink concert. But we don’t stop at fitness. We delve into pop culture too, debating over the pronunciation of restaurant names, discussing Survivor contestants, and touching on the lighter side of life with coin tosses and concerts.

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