A Gay / LGBTQ Experience

What do you get when two gay friends who love audio, love tech, love talk radio, and love podcasting get together to live stream once a week. You get a podcast with witty banter, quizzes, tech talk, pop culture, and more. Add an LGBT spin and you get the Gay Mix Podcast.

162 – I Was Never Even Close To A Celebrity

Auntie Scott fills in for Adam this week. Daniel and Scott talk about Scott’s life in Hollywood. Listener feedback is addressed and everything is wrapped in a shiny bow.

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161 – I Don’t Feel I Need To Tell The World My Business

Adam is on vacation for the next two weeks so Daniel is joined by International Internet Celebrity Big Fatty! Daniel asks Big Fatty about his award-winning podcast, his life, his sex life, and his miscellaneous.

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160 – She’s Going To Let Me In For Sure

Adam and Daniel talk about: dog sitters, the Oogie Boogie Bash at Disneyland, Bridgerton, Apple TV+ Shows, and watering plants. Of course they also play voicemails and the news game and spend a little bit of time understanding sun screens.

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159 – I Think I Start at the Bottom

Adam and Daniel talk about: new dining room furniture, Disney’s new drone show, vaccinations for sydney (the dog), and father’s day. Numerous emails, texts, and voicemails are played in the contact segment and Daniel once again brings in a perfect score on the news quiz.

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158 – He Doesn’t Cuss on His Show

Adam and Daniel talk about: having beer with coworkers, Gay Days in Orlando, night-blooming cacti, Sydney (the dog), and a restaurant experience. They also evaluate if Amazon Prime is still worth the money.

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