A Gay / LGBTQ Experience

What do you get when two gay friends who love audio, love tech, love talk radio, and love podcasting get together to live stream once a week. You get a podcast with witty banter, quizzes, tech talk, pop culture, and more. Add an LGBT spin and you get the Gay Mix Podcast.

136 – They are Throwing AI at the Kitchen Sink

Welcome to an episode where we cover everything from tech troubles to TV trivia. Join us as we share our struggles with pivot tables and Microsoft’s Co-Pilot feature, and how we’re grappling with technical issues around internet connectivity. Our conversations might be tech-heavy at times, but they’re relatable for anyone who’s ever wrestled with technology. But it’s not all code and connections, we also discuss our intriguing relationship with Microsoft through our experience with the Spit Valve Factory.

The treadmill or the open road? If you’re a runner, you know the challenges of both. We get real about the deception of treadmills, the difficulty of switching back to outdoor running, and the thrill of upcoming events like the Halloween race and Pink concert. But we don’t stop at fitness. We delve into pop culture too, debating over the pronunciation of restaurant names, discussing Survivor contestants, and touching on the lighter side of life with coin tosses and concerts.

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135 – Have you Heard About Jesusween?

Adam handed out full-sized candy bars for Halloween last year, but this year he will be giving out communion wafers for Jesusween. Daniel has been under-the-weather but has a cool raspy sound to his voice (even though his video is choppy). Adam asked about taking a Holiday cruise, and Daniel mistakenly thought that he was being invited to go along (he wasn’t).

Email: Contact@MixMinusPodcast.com
Voice: 707-61-DEATH


134 – I Do Not Like Pulling the Fish off of the Hook

This week we talk about: Daniel’s Running Update, Adam getting caught in a torrential downpour, The cost of Hair Transplants, and how badly Trans people are treated by professional sports.
Of course we have our regular Contact, News Quiz, and Test Kitchen Segments to talk about the latest news. We end the show by challenging Adam to a quiz about travel to find out if he is an expert.

Email: Contact@MixMinusPodcast.com
Voice: 707-61-DEATH


133 – Do You Wanna Get Saved?

Daniel gave his run update, and then we chatted about the Pride48 weekend and Daniel told us about a game he’s been developing in his spare time

Adam gave an update on Tabatha (the dog) and how she’s been doing at his house as he and Marc dog-sit her for his parents. He also talks about Marc’s upcoming birthday and trying to plan the perfect present.

We also had a contact segment with only one email, and went over a few things in history that happened on this day.

Want to share your thoughts or join in the conversation? Our hosts are eagerly waiting to hear from you! You can drop them a line at: contact@mixminuspodcast.com / 707-61-DEATH


132 – Pride48 Live Streaming Weekend 2023

It is the final year of the Pride48 live streaming weekend and, of course, Adam and Daniel were on hand to do one last episode.

Although the live-streaming event has ended, you can always hear Mix Minus streaming live on Friday night at Pride48.com


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