A Gay / LGBTQ Experience

What do you get when two gay friends who love audio, love tech, love talk radio, and love podcasting get together to live stream once a week. You get a podcast with witty banter, quizzes, tech talk, pop culture, and more. Add an LGBT spin and you get the Gay Mix Podcast.

143 – We Hate That Mango Tree

Daniel has big news this week as he talks about buying a new house and fulfilling a decades-old dream of living close to Walt Disney World. Adam talks about planning his vacation trip and a potential trip to California. Phone calls are played, news game is played, and we finally learn who shot J.R.

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142 – The Princess and the Pea

We’ve been gone for over a month from our weekly live-streaming show. We had a great time with our live chat room chatting about what we have been up to since the new year.

Is TikTok just a fancy new way to channel-surf, how did Daniel do on his runDisney 10k, did Adam actually hire a career coach? Answers to these questions and more are inside.

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141 – He’s Not a Ball-Drop Watcher

Although we haven’t been able to do any live shows for several weeks, we wanted to at least put out a New Year’s show for everyone.

We dive headfirst into some Podcasting drama and talk about what we did for the holidays. We end with a discussion of Adam’s Christmas music concert that Daniel went to while he was in Arkansas.

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140 – Punishing the Fans that Listen to You

In our last show of 2023 we talk about: Kitchen counters, Mariah Carey protesters, Weird Al’s Spotify message, Adam’s car troubles and the single worst reward ever offered on Survivor.

Our usual running update, news game, and test kitchen segments are all accounted for as well as phone calls from the listeners.

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139 – It was a Bit Chilly

After a two-week break, Daniel and Adam talk about the Halloween 5K and the Wine and Dine 10K race at Disney. Adam gives us an update on Sydney (the dog), and talks about the Pink concert that he went to.

There is some confusion about the ingredients of a Bellini and concerns about the Little Fatty Cast. Finally, Adam talks about his trip to Chicago and Daniel discovers that Hanson has 19 kids!

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