A Gay / LGBTQ Experience

What do you get when two gay friends who love audio, love tech, love talk radio, and love podcasting get together to live stream once a week. You get a podcast with witty banter, quizzes, tech talk, pop culture, and more. Add an LGBT spin and you get the Gay Mix Podcast.

125 – Maple Syrup Sommelier

Adam and Daniel started off the live show with a few technical snafus since it’s been a while since they have done the video version of the show and Adam was not prepared.

Topics discussed in the chat segment included the typical run update from Daniel, a vacation recap from Adam (including a people pleasing moment in line at a cider company), a discussion of the new hybrid work model and Daniels return to office, and podcasting for work.

We also have a contact segment, a call out to some celebrity deaths in our Celebrity Death Phone segment, and go over a few things in history that happened on this day.

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124 – Do It For a Week and You’ll Be At Your Peak!

In this episode we welcome Auntie Scott who is filling in for the still-vacationing Adam Burns. Daniel and Scott talk about a lot of things but there is absolutely no talk of Elvis.

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123 – Not the Ones With the Crazy V-Necks

This week, Daniel’s partner Zach fills in for the vacationing Adam. They talk about the Supreme Court rulings, Gender Identities, and the Grimace shake meme.

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122 – Turned it to Fox News and Ripped off the Knob

Adam’s mother watching Fox News, a Hackathon, Chick-fil-a, and putting furniture together. This week Adam and Daniel catch up with what has been happening in their lives.

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121 – Putting AI Into Everything

We start off this show (that was VERY late to be posted), with the traditional run update from Daniel. Adam talks about his recent experience at a local fast food establishment and that Marc referred to him as a “Karen.”

Daniel talks about a party at Typhoon lagoon that just wasn’t scandalous enough for him. Adam is still perplexed as to why Daniel likes going to water parks in the first place. Daniel also talks about building his new computer.

In the final segment Adam reveals that he has been doing keegle exercises as suggested by Daniel and that his keegle muscles get very sore. We have yet to see any benefits of these exercises, but will keep you all posted.

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