110 – The Arid Peaks of Mt. Epcot

What a strange episode this was. Immediately the show is sidetracked talking about the video which causes Daniel to skip the Running update at the top of the show (don’t worry, he did talk about it later in the episode). As it turns out, Adam doesn’t even know who Miley Cyrus is – much less know about her new song and the significance of it when compared to a Bruno Mars song from 2009. We also learn that Adam doesn’t know why someone would be curious if he has top-secret documents in his house. 

Daniel has a new induction range and convection oven combo which arrived this week. He hasn’t used it long enough to have a thorough review, but by the time the show comes back from hiatus, he will. Speaking of which, the show will be taking off the month of February due to a ton of scheduled events. Rest assured, it will return March 3rd, 2023 (so mark your calendars for that evening). 

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