156 – My Heart was Broken by Her Story

Daniel and Adam reflected on their friendship and the inception of their show, which began around 2010. They revisited their old podcast, ‘Dubious Intent’, and discussed various topics, including significant events that occurred in 2010. They shared personal experiences and observations about their neighborhoods, mental well-being, and physical activity. They also had a light-hearted conversation about speculating on their neighbors’ activities and disagreed on the usage of garages.

They discussed the upcoming season of Survivor, revealing that a host of the political podcast Pod Save America would be a contestant. They also shared personal details about the hosts of Pod Save America and reviewed a text message from a listener regarding an error in the show notes. The conversation further touched upon Daniel’s experiments with a new tool, the potential of an audio equivalent to image generation, and their previous attempts to compose music. Lastly, they discussed a local news story about a convicted murderer running for Palm Bay City Council in Florida and a house across the street from Adam’s neighborhood that had been a source of disturbance.