155 – Hey, How Do I Change Your Voice?

Daniel and Adam addressed a question from Auntie Scott about their mother’s relationship with Jesus and clarified their personal views on religion. They also discussed a complaint from their friend, Joe Baans, about the frequent commercial interruptions on their podcast. They considered eliminating pre-roll ads as a potential solution and Daniel committed to finding a way to keep the smart ads while eliminating pre-rolls. Lastly, Adam shared his upcoming free weekend and his excitement about learning new things, which led to a light-hearted conversation about AI and its applications.

Daniel and Adam discussed the latest developments in language processing, including OpenAI’s Llm 4.0 and Google’s Gemini 1.5. They praised the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, particularly its lifelike conversational skills, and the forthcoming mobile app. Daniel also introduced the ChatGPT App, which generates stories and responds to user input, and suggested its potential appeal to older listeners. They ended the conversation by discussing the potential of AI for conversational paths, historical corrections, and even podcast co-hosting.

Finally, Daniel and Adam engaged in a light-hearted discussion on various topics including a four-foot-tall hen, encounters with aliens, and shared birthday celebrations for several individuals. They also discussed the privacy implications of using a co-pilot at work, particularly in relation to accessing sensitive information and the potential consequences of inadvertent file sharing. Lastly, they explored future plans, such as Adam’s preference for being cremated and the creation of a custom theme song for a podcast called “Throwing Down.”