119 – 120 Seconds of Running

On this electrifying episode of Mix Minus, hosts Daniel and Adam will take you on an adventurous journey through a whirlpool of topics. Kicking things off, Daniel gives his usual running update.  Then Adam talks about his recent promotion at work and the diverse reactions from colleagues.

Things get interesting when the hosts delve into a recent conversation on the Pod Is My Copilot podcast where Talor mentions he’s looking
for friends on Scruff.  Adam and Daniel give examples of their interactions on dating platforms like Grindr and Scruff, asking the compelling question: why can’t users seek both friendships and hookups? Adam thinks it should only be for hookups.

In the contact segment, listener Scotty calls In to ask about dealing with “well-meaning friends” with inappropriate questions about your immigrant partner and how Adam has dealt with this.

We them move on to the News Quiz and Test Kitchen, where the highlight is the discussion of the one-of-a-kind Frog Jumping Jubilee Day and its potential links to the Toad Suck Festival in Conway Arkansas.

In the final segment Adam and Daniel explore navigating political discussions within the family circle, and how differences in viewpoints can brew conflict. Adam gives a personal account of his interactions with his mother, a loyal Fox News consumer, with a particular emphasis on her stance on immigration. This takes the conversation deeper into the complex landscape of challenging family-held beliefs.

Want to share your thoughts or join in the conversation? Our hosts are eagerly waiting to hear from you! You can drop them a line at contact@mixminuspodcast.com or voice your thoughts through a voicemail at 707-61-DEATH. Let’s build a vibrant community around the exciting world of Mix Minus!