114 – I am Busy … Watching All of that Television

Tonight on The Gay Mix, Adam was EXTREMELY late due to poor navigation issues. We talk about this and he is sufficiently scolded by Daniel, who would never go ANYWHERE without using GPS. Daniel also gave his most recent run update to let us know how he’s doing on his training for the Disney marathon in July. Please note that Daniel has now been injured during training, so there may be a set back.

Adam and Marc are joining Daniel and Zach for the Disney marathon (just to watch). So Adam and Daniel discussed the vacation plans and the various restaurants and rides that they will be partaking of on the trip.

Finally we did the normal segments of Contact, News Gate, and Test Kitchen, where we talk about things that happened on the same day of the month as this year. Notable items are the birth of hottie singer Hozier and St Patrick’s Day.

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