014 – She’s Handmaid’s Tale

00:00:11 Daniel 

Screaming at you across state interwebs, mix minus. 

00:00:20 Daniel 

11:00 PM is Friday evening. Pride48.com is where we like to hang out. We like to stream. We like to do this little thing. I don’t do it alone though. Now I do with my good buddy. Adam burns Adam. How are you doing tonight? 

00:00:32 Adam 

It’s like you have bullet points this week. It’s like 11:00 o’clock. Thank. 

00:00:36 Daniel 

You it’s a. 

00:00:37 Daniel 

It’s a PowerPoint. I’m doing a PowerPoint presentation here, and it’s a really cool. I had a lot of really cool transitions there and. 

00:00:46 Adam 

I’m fine, thank you for asking **** 

00:00:48 Daniel 

You all right, I think I think that’s the first time that that has happened on mix. Minus isn’t it, maybe? 

00:00:53 Daniel 

It would. It would sometimes happen on dubious intent, but the first time it happened unmixed, minus that is what we like to call in the business. An inside joke, ladies, gentlemen, something that we. 

00:01:03 Adam 

Have some of those you know. You could write a review about this show and say their chemistry is great. 

00:01:10 Adam 

But the inside jokes and the lack of cohesion I don’t remember right. 

00:01:16 Adam 

But whatever, whatever. 

00:01:17 Daniel 

It all just basically boils down to the fact that you know it’s inside jokes and if you want to get in on some of those inside jokes. It’s so easy to do. You know what? We have a little club. It’s called Level 13 and we post all the pre show stuff that we do every week. We post all the post shows stuff that we do every week we post. 

00:01:35 Daniel 

Extra little bits of audio also has a little discord server, so you can chat with us whenever your little heart desires, plus chat with other super fans of the show and you know what I know, you’re thinking yourself. How much is this going to cost? And let me tell you, absolutely nothing is free, we do it just for free to keep up with you guys and to like. Basically we lean on you a lot like. 

00:01:55 Daniel 

What should we do? What should we do? Guys tell us what to do. It’s called Level 13. It’s a great little club that we like to have here. And if you want to join it is so super easy. All you have to do is send us an email contact at Mixminuspodcast.com and say Hey I want to join, that’s it. That’s all you have to do. 

00:02:12 Daniel 

Yeah yeah, let’s see. We just got the The Level 13 discord up and running today at. 

00:02:17 Adam 

Yeah, I saw that. We also just released the episodes today. That’s right. So I mean episodes is not really what we, the pre and post show content right? I will say I will tell the listeners an because they won’t know this. You and I’ve. 

00:02:33 Adam 

We know this because it happened to us. I don’t know where I’m going with this. I don’t know either, but I need to find out that well, so you You said hey, can you chat? This was like on 3rd Wednesday or Thursday or something like that. Probably Wednesday. I don’t know when it was. It doesn’t matter and I’m like yes, anytime Daniel, I will always chat with you. I will drop everything in chat with you right now. 

00:02:54 Adam 

And so we got on it. We got on the zoom call as we do yes and and then you spawn it was it was a spontaneous recording. Kind of like when you have spontaneous combustion and Someone Like You know, just sets themselves. They don’t set themselves to play, they just blow up, you know, or whatever. 

00:03:14 Adam 

We had a spontaneous recording. 

00:03:18 Adam 

Where you were like. Oh, by the way, we’re recording the very first little content for the level 13. 

00:03:24 Daniel 

Folks an is still there in any any club member can access it at anytime. You know what? Adam on today’s pre show we talked about kegle exercises and sleep paralysis that was fun and who knows what we’re going to talk about on the show. But you could know. 

00:03:38 Daniel 

At Level 13, OK, I’m done. 

00:03:39 Adam 

Done talk, I’m doing them right now. Yeah, you wouldn’t. Even no, that’s right. Another that I’m doing it it won’t. It won’t impact anything. 

00:03:49 Daniel 

Hey Adam, you know today if I’m not mistaken he is 19 days until November 3rd. Is that right 1450? 

00:03:59 Adam 

Thanks team. So I can’t wait. Yeah well I can wait I’m a little bit stressed. Well I’ve already talked about this. A lot of I know that you are super. In fact I just listened to your other podcasts that you do. 

00:04:11 Daniel 

Yes, you mean that Darn Elvis. 

00:04:13 Adam 

With Scott so well, yes yes yeah. And you were talking about how it was a shoo in. 

00:04:20 Adam 

Like there was no way Biden was going to lose, it was going to be a runaway and I was like don’t even say that out loud. 

00:04:28 Adam 

Like don’t even. 

00:04:29 Adam 

Don’t even say, don’t tempt fate. You know that’s what we were saying in 2016. Were like Hillary’s got it. She’s gonna win. 

00:04:36 Daniel 

16 was a different time and it’s like I realize it. There’s a lot of PS. 

00:04:41 Daniel 

PTSD about the 2016, but I’m telling you no, he’s not winning. He’s not winning at all. He’s not going to win those people that are lining up in Georgia and standing in line 12 hours on the first day of early voting and 11 hours on the second day of early voting. Let me just give you a little clue, Adam. They’re not there to re elect Trump. 

00:04:59 Daniel 

They’re not standing in line all day long to vote for four more years of the same old same old, they would have just left. It’s just like they’re not going to stand there for 12 hours. Those people have admission. Those people are to stand in line in Georgia for 12 hours in early October when it’s still kind of warm. 

00:05:19 Daniel 

Uh, you there a song played out? 

00:05:22 Adam 

In Georgia, way down something in Georgia the Devil, Yeah God is. 

00:05:29 Daniel 

Fiddle here this already the Devil went down to Georgia. He was looking for a soulless deal. 

00:05:34 Daniel 

Using a bind ’cause he was way behind it was willing to make it is Charlie Daniels. Anyway Adam the The thing about. 

00:05:41 Adam 

You are just like oh 19 days until we have a new president so. 

00:05:45 Daniel 

What I’m trying to tell people Adam when I’m trying to tell the audience is that is 19 days until the election. 18 days. I’m told by the chat room until the election. 

00:05:54 Daniel 

An what I want to say is, is that if you are for some reason not yet registered to vote, if you or some reason don’t know where you need to go to vote or how to get an early voting ballot. Or you know check what the laws are on your state about doing all that stuff. If you’re unclear on any of that stuff, you need to head over to vote.org and check out all that information and just make sure. 

00:06:15 Daniel 

It’s like they’re not a sponsor. We don’t we what song that you like to talk about shop like a bich. What is it called? 

00:06:21 Adam 

No, it’s vote like a beast. 

00:06:24 Daniel 

Both like a beastyeah.com. Yeah, that’s the The Rhett and Link 1 right. 

00:06:28 Adam 

Yeah, there’s also. I listen to this show called Pod Save America. 

00:06:34 Speaker 5 

There’s also one save America. 

00:06:37 Adam 

It’s very liberal, it’s very liberal. There’s a vote save America, let me see what I mean. We’re given its votesaveamerica.com. That’s another one. OK, so you can go to votelikeabeast.com votesaveamerica.com vote.org. 

00:06:52 Daniel 

Yep, I just. You know what I committed. 

00:06:55 Daniel 

Back in early September that I was going to do a vote Promo on every single podcast from now until the election. So I’m just keeping my word so I know you guys get sick of hearing it. But really? 

00:07:07 Adam 

I’m going to make a pledge to everyone listening to this podcast within within range of the sound of my voice. Yes. 

00:07:14 Adam 

By the time this podcast is released, you can go to vote.mixminuspodcast.com. 

00:07:22 Daniel 

Now you know in the chat room thing. 

00:07:24 Adam 

Will redirect you to one of those sites. I’m not making a brand new site. Sweet, yeah, sweet. 

00:07:29 Daniel 

You know the chat room is pointing out something here. That would be a genius idea had we ever thought of it. 

00:07:36 Adam 

Yeah, what we. 

00:07:36 Daniel 

Should have been getting you know, labels made for bottled water. 

00:07:42 Daniel 

With our show information on it and stuff. 

00:07:44 Daniel 

Yeah, and then go to these early voting and like hand out the bottled water to everyone in line. That’s like waiting. It’s like that would be cheap advertising. We should do that. 

00:07:53 Adam 

Yeah it would except covid. I mean, I don’t want to be around all those people. 

00:07:56 Daniel 

Well, no, I mean, you help. You’re just handing it. You’re not standing there while they drink it, you’re just handing it to him while they’re in line. Why would the devil go down to Georgia? He was looking for a soul to steal. Why Georgia? That’s where he chose to go there or let me just say this and he never said he was exclusively going to Georgia. 

00:08:14 Daniel 

It was just like this one particular story that that that we’re talking about happened when the devil went down to Georgia. 

00:08:23 Adam 

So he was on. He was on like the soul stealing tour he was. 

00:08:27 Daniel 

Winning and he came across a young man Solimana Fedalen Planet hot and the devil jumped up on a Hickory stop. 

00:08:33 Adam 

And I don’t know how you know the words to this, so let. 

00:08:36 Daniel 

Me tell you what. 

00:08:38 Adam 

I don’t, I guess you don’t know. 

00:08:40 Daniel 

It memorized, but I’m a fiddle player too. 

00:08:45 Daniel 

And if you care to make a dare, I’ll make a bet with you. Now you play pretty good fiddle boy, but give the devil is do about a fiddle of gold against your soul. ’cause I think I’m better than you, Charlie Daniels. Fantastic, right? 

00:08:58 Daniel 

I used to love that song. I used to sing that song like all the. 

00:09:01 Adam 

Time that reminds me, I watched. I watched the Dolly Parton documentary on my on my ride to my haircut. 

00:09:08 Daniel 

Yeah, I know I heard from my you know what I saw Dolly the other day and you know those wired. 

00:09:14 Daniel 

X so and so reads Google completes or whatever. Yeah yeah yeah yeah Dolly did. A series of those where she was. She’s basically pimping out her new Christmas album that’s coming out. 

00:09:25 Adam 

I mean, you know she’s she celebrated recently. 

00:09:29 Adam 

50 years No 50 in the Grand Ole Opry. Oh. 

00:09:32 Daniel 

OK, I was gonna say she’s been married for 50 four years, yeah? 

00:09:35 Adam 

Do you think they have an arrangement? 

00:09:37 Adam 

No, you know, like I mean she’s on the road. She can, you know, because she was on that show. She with that guy. I’m being really descriptive. 

00:09:45 Adam 

Right now, but I can’t I love. 

00:09:46 Daniel 

That show, especially the show with the guy I like that show. 

00:09:49 Adam 

When she first started when she was first getting started, she was on a show that was based in Nashville with a famous country. 

00:09:58 Adam 

Guy, OK, I did watch the documentary look, it was his show. Porter Wagner. There we go cycling thank you and anyway it they made it sound like she and Porter had a little something something. 

00:10:13 Adam 

You know wow and then also she wrote the song Jolene about a woman who her husband is being courted by another woman. So I’m just wondering. 

00:10:26 Adam 

An he stays out of the limelight. He does not go on tour with her. I don’t think he stays at home and chops would, I don’t know what he’s doing, that’s 

00:10:34 Daniel 

What he runs Dollywood probably just probably like, stumbles around Dollywood all day. 

00:10:38 Adam 

I think he does. I don’t think he does. It has anything to do with her businesses at all. 

00:10:43 Daniel 

You know what you’re saying? You know what? When I went on my Disney Cruise Adam Linda Wagner stole 20 bucks from me and it was Dolly Parton that gave it back to me. So that was my whole experience in the NASA. I’m good. 

00:10:56 Adam 

Yeah, anyway that just reminded me. 

00:10:58 Daniel 

We you know what we’re done. 

00:11:00 Adam 

With y’all should go and watch you should vote. 

00:11:04 Adam 

And then you should watch the Dolly Parton if. 

00:11:06 Daniel 

You happen all right. If you’re going to stand in line for early voting. 

00:11:10 Daniel 

Do that, go to Netflix. Download that Dolly Parton documentary onto your your phone or whatever, and then you can listen to it in line. 

00:11:17 Adam 

Well, you can. 

00:11:17 Daniel 

Pass the time away as your maybe people are listening to us right now, passing the time voting. 

00:11:23 Adam 

While they stand in line, yeah. 

00:11:25 Daniel 

If you are actually currently listening to this show and you’re standing in a very long voting line. 

00:11:31 Daniel 

Go to just launch the browser on your phone right now and go to voicemail.mixminuspodcast.com and talk to us. Just like leave a say I’m here say something I don’t care. I’m here. Ask the person in front of you. 

00:11:46 Daniel 

Who they’re voting for. 

00:11:48 Adam 

So this is another thing that’s not on our topic list, but an eye an. I do mention this on today’s Hige so you can tune in there to hear more about it. But The West Wing. 

00:11:58 Adam 

Do do I? 

00:11:59 Adam 

Just want to live in that world like where where the people in the White House so passionately care do do about what’s going on. 

00:12:10 Adam 

An and and. 

00:12:11 Adam 

President Bartlett seems like such. I mean he is who you want to be your president. 

00:12:16 Daniel 

La da da da da da did you see The West Wing special that just aired? 

00:12:22 Adam 


00:12:24 Adam 

I did not. 

00:12:26 Adam 

But I’m sure it wasn’t an episode, it was just like a reunion, right where they’re like it was a. 

00:12:30 Daniel 

Special it was. It was a live. It was a re staging of a 2000 two 2002 episode shot at a theater in LA. 

00:12:39 Daniel 

An it’s a. It was a special for for a voting thing but yeah, it just aired the other night. Whatever night that was Wednesday night, Thursday, Tuesday night I. 

00:12:46 Adam 

Think I heard that that was going to be happening, but then I forgot as I usually do. So anyway, I love. I love that show and it’s like how I like to imagine that things maybe 1. 

00:12:57 Daniel 

Day right with R&R. 

00:12:59 Daniel 

The characters on that show who was your least favorite? Who was the one character that you just like you didn’t necessarily hate, but you’re just like this guy again. 

00:13:08 Adam 

Who is the communications director to like to be able to be? You don’t like to be sick? I don’t. I don’t really care for him. He’s mopy 

00:13:17 Adam 

Like all the time, just Moby. 

00:13:20 Daniel 

Is a very lucky man. 

00:13:22 Adam 

He’s like he’s like there was a cartoon character, maybe called Dopey or something. I don’t know. It’s just like Oh, it’s me, everything’s gone. 

00:13:32 Daniel 

But it sounds like you know whatever sounds like you’re. 

00:13:34 Adam 

Ready or it could be I don’t know, bother. 

00:13:38 Adam 

You know, so I don’t really care for to be all that. 

00:13:41 Daniel 

OK Shelby Zigler, you know who I didn’t like who Zoe ******* hated Zoe is just like what a waste of a character there. 

00:13:49 Adam 

She’s him she’s Handmaids tale. 

00:13:51 Daniel 

She was not good enough for Charlie. She was not good enough for Charlie. 

00:13:57 Adam 

I’m really liking only because I’m on this episode and I remembered how good I thought the character was. 

00:14:02 Adam 

Oh, now I forgot her name, but the girl, the blonde girl who’s the Republican who they brought in Ainsley, Leslie, whatever. Yeah, I really like that character I. I mean she’s I really like that. 

00:14:16 Daniel 

Character that actress I don’t know. Yeah I like that character. 

00:14:19 Adam 

Well, she does a good job. 

00:14:21 Daniel 

Aaron Sorkin has this way of writing women that is. 

00:14:24 Daniel 

Somewhat like dismissive and misogynistic in a weird kind of way, and it’s like it’s like they’re the only smart women that he writes. Like all rely on men somehow. It’s like it’s just one of those sarcasm things. 

00:14:37 Adam 

I also like soccer Channing as the first lady, however she’s barely in it. Yeah, I mean she. 

00:14:44 Adam 

They like she’ll be in like 2 episodes a season or something. I mean they just bring her in for five minutes here there. She now maybe I do seem to remember they may. There may be a storyline that she’s more involved in an maybe I’m only on season 2 right now, Yeah, but I think maybe. 

00:15:02 Daniel 

No no Yeah. ’cause He ’cause he’s she’s his physician. So it was like when he was when he. 

00:15:07 Daniel 

Later, when his Ms thing starts flaring up, she’s the the doctor that handles it anyway. It’s not important, ladies and gentlemen, to you know what? **** me. I didn’t want to ever say that phrasing part. Pardon me. 

00:15:18 Daniel 

Dear listeners, I’m trying to break myself of gender habits. There’s like, ladies and gentlemen implies that this, like it, has to be, you know, lady or gentleman is like. Those are some of the things that I’m trying to excise out of my vocabulary. That was it. There was nothing where I had nothing more to say about that. I was just trying to get caught myself doing that. 

00:15:38 Daniel 

But let’s talk about. I’m trying to think how we’re going to do this. Let’s talk about, I just have it up here on the board’s TV talk. 

00:15:47 Daniel 

But there’s a couple of it’s. 

00:15:48 Adam 

Showing talk time with Adam and Daniel. We should have a bumper, you know. 

00:15:53 Daniel 

What would you play for TV talk like? What would the would the bone? 

00:15:56 Adam 

Oh, I don’t know. I know you want something like search for it, but I I don’t. I don’t have it on the top of my head but. 

00:16:04 Adam 


00:16:05 Adam 

The Entertainment Tonight Theme. 

00:16:08 Adam 

That’s a. That’s a TV, you know, whatever. 

00:16:13 Daniel 

OK, we can do that. We can do that. 

00:16:15 Daniel 

Here we go. Here we go here. 

00:16:19 Daniel 

It’s time for TV talk with Adam and Daniel. 

00:16:26 Daniel 

You know, here’s something that you know it bugs me. Is that I say your name first because it comes first alphabetically. OK, but I say Scott’s name first because he gets mad if I don’t ask us. 

00:16:37 Adam 

So your name now oh. 

00:16:39 Daniel 

So I’m always saying never coming. Service Adam and Daniel or Scott and Daniel. 

00:16:44 Adam 

Uh, wait, could it be me? I’m Adam Tesch. 

00:16:50 Daniel 

Who does that make me? Daniel Hartley. 

00:16:52 Adam 

I yeah, I don’t know what’s her last name. Hartman or Hartley or. 

00:16:56 Daniel 

Whatever, anyway, you know it makes sense. ’cause I have very pretty legs. 

00:17:01 Daniel 

One of the there’s several different things I wanted to talk about. OK on TV. Some of them are knew shows that have just started and then of course there shows that you and I watch in common that I want your opinion on the first episode that so first of all, I know that you are in a you are in a in A. 

00:17:22 Daniel 

You’re looking for new things to watch, and there’s a couple instantly yeah, couple of new shows that just started this past week or a few weeks ago that I’m curious if you have watched next. 

00:17:32 Adam 

No, we talked about this, but I guess I’m no. I have not watched that. 

00:17:36 Daniel 

So you did I would suggest I would put that on your list. Next is on Fox and it has John Slattery in it. 

00:17:42 Adam 

And it says it’s 2020 American science fiction crime drama drama yes. Created by Manny Coto. Yes, for the Fox Broadcasting Company. 

00:17:53 Adam 

And it centers on the efforts of a Homeland cyber security team. 

00:17:59 Adam 

To counter a rogue AI with the ability to constantly improve itself. 

00:18:04 Daniel 

Yep, an and then. The other thing that it just started recently and I’ve only caught like a bit of the first episode and I haven’t given a fair shake to it yet. It’s called Pandora, it just started on CW and. 

00:18:20 Daniel 

It’s kind of a sci-fi futuristic one, I don’t know. 

00:18:24 Daniel 

Anything about it other than sound CW, which means it’s probably you know, like twinks in space or something. I mean, isn’t that pretty much like The CW. 

00:18:33 Adam 

‘s thing it’s like Pretty Little Liars in space or something like that. Yeah, for sure. 

00:18:39 Adam 

I can’t even I. I Googled Pandora but all I get is the music streaming service so I could I could be like Pandora CW. 

00:18:45 Daniel 

Yeah, and for some reason tracked tracked is down always tracked down. 

00:18:50 Adam 

Pandora video things have changed set in the year 2199. Pandora is a science fiction action series about a resourceful young woman. 

00:19:00 Adam 

Who has lost everything? 

00:19:03 Adam 

But she finds a new life at Earth Space Training Academy where she and her friends learn and trained to defend the Galaxy from threats, both Alien and human. Wow. 

00:19:13 Daniel 

Sounds like that. 

00:19:14 Adam 

Looks like it looks like it sounds like you know they they recently ended the 100. I don’t know if you ever watched that. I watch like. 

00:19:21 Daniel 

The first couple of seasons of that, and then it kind of got silly. The third season. I don’t know that I ever gave it, really. 

00:19:27 Daniel 

The chance after that. 

00:19:28 Adam 

So we watched that all the way to the bitter end and. 

00:19:33 Adam 

It ended. 

00:19:35 Adam 

So and it was kind of their sci-fi. You know, their sci-fi. 

00:19:38 Daniel 

Those are two shows that had just recently popped up that I thought that you should probably give a look to since you were looking for new things. 

00:19:44 Adam 

Pandora has 14% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

00:19:49 Daniel 

Oh so mad that they didn’t renew stumptown with Colby smothers. I love that show who’s had a really good first season. 

00:19:56 Daniel 

Really angry that they didn’t, but maybe maybe one of the streaming services will pick it up. There’s also. Do you have Disney plus or not? I forget. 

00:20:06 Adam 

We do, yeah. 

00:20:07 Daniel 

OK, so on Disney plus there’s a couple of new series that have just started well the mandalorian season 2 is starting. 

00:20:17 Daniel 


00:20:18 Daniel 

Um, there’s also something called the Royals Academy or the Royal Society of the Second War Society of the second join Royals second born Royals. Anyway, it’s I haven’t looked at it yet, but the commercials looked interesting. 

00:20:33 Adam 

We’re watching the haunting of Bly Manor Yes, right now. 

00:20:38 Adam 

And, uh, and then we’re watching a lot of game shows ’cause we have, you know, weakest link started. 

00:20:44 Daniel 

You know, I watched a couple episodes of the weakest link on your suggestion and I’m going to have to find this clip here so it’s like Ann Robinson when she said it. 

00:20:54 Adam 

Yeah, oh, it’s different. 

00:20:57 Daniel 

Said sure, but it’s so weird what what’s her name? 

00:21:01 Adam 

Jane Lynch 

00:21:02 Daniel 

So weird with Jane, Let’s put the syllables on it’s. 

00:21:05 Adam 

Like this, on the emphasis. 

00:21:07 Daniel 

Yeah, ’cause it’s like weird. I thought Ann Robinson’s always like you are the weakest link. Goodbye, right? And it’s like the emphasis is on our right. You on Jane Lynch said she puts it on the weakest. Yeah, she puts it on. 

00:21:17 Daniel 

The word weakest, which just makes no sense whatsoever. It’s just like it’s like and will be right back on the weakest link. And it’s just like. 

00:21:24 Adam 

Yeah, I know that drives me a little crazy, but I mean I really like the format of the game show an I. I think she’s doing a good job though. I mean anytime my friend is such an iconic, you know. 

00:21:37 Adam 

Whatever, whether it’s a character or a host or whatever. 

00:21:40 Daniel 

I think I would like the weakest link. If I could watch it at double speed because. 

00:21:44 Daniel 

I feel like it’s a 30 minute game show stretched out to an hour with all the you know. 

00:21:49 Daniel 

Do do do do do do do do do kadang ticket to. 

00:21:55 Adam 

The thing that’s different about the main difference between the American version or the new version and the older versions is the contestants are much chattier in this one then. 

00:22:05 Adam 

You know they’re saying bye to each other when they leave. 

00:22:08 Daniel 

They trash talking **** yeah? 

00:22:10 Adam 

Trash talking and all that. I mean like that was not the way it was before. They were just kinda’s on or off with their head held. You know, hanging down and. 

00:22:19 Adam 

But yeah, so anyway she like, but you’re right, did you find the clip or? 

00:22:23 Daniel 

You did no I. I gave up on it, so it’s it’s fine. This is what I want to talk to you about that. So those are all the new shows that I want talking, but there’s two shows that just recently started that both of us watch. 

00:22:34 Daniel 

The amazing, by the way, millionaires coming back. Yes, The Amazing Race and. 

00:22:39 Daniel 

Discovery season three so. 

00:22:42 Daniel 

I’m have you watched both of those. 

00:22:44 Adam 

No, I’ve watched amazing race. I have not watched discovery. 

00:22:47 Daniel 

Oh OK, so. 

00:22:50 Adam 

Tell me to watch that one before today you said I wanna talk about amazing race. 

00:22:54 Daniel 

In your life. So what did you think of the amazing, you know, there’s there’s. 

00:22:58 Daniel 

I have like. 

00:22:59 Daniel 

I’ve watched every season of The Amazing Race so I always have teams that I root for an it changes overtime, but usually you know, like the first episode is where I like kind of pick. You know my early favourites and whatnot like. Definitely people that I think you’re going to be. 

00:23:13 Adam 


00:23:14 Daniel 

Good, so who did you? Did anyone jump out at you in this first episode? 

00:23:18 Adam 

Well, I think I I really like Michelle and Victoria. 

00:23:23 Daniel 

Alright, keep in mind there I won’t know anyone’s name, so you’re going to have to tell I’m. 

00:23:27 Adam 

Looking, I’m literally looking at the cat just. 

00:23:29 Daniel 

Explain them so they’re they’re all stereotypes, so it’s just like what stereotype are these? 

00:23:35 Adam 

They are the Korean sisters. 

00:23:38 Daniel 

Probably the ones that were just like he’s Asian. He probably took piano lessons. 

00:23:42 Adam 

Yeah, yes, I like them there from Louisiana, Louisiana and they seem to be nice. And then you have to as a homosexual. I feel like I have to, you know, root for will and James who are the gay couple. 

00:23:58 Daniel 

Oh yeah, no. I always root for the gay couple. 

00:24:00 Daniel 

Or the gays in their moms, or the sons and moms always always, so that’s automatic. 

00:24:05 Adam 

Now I don’t know who’s who, so I’m not. I’m probably gonna get the name wrong. 

00:24:08 Adam 

But one of ’em is going, Oh my God, I’ve applied to amazing race like 9 times with. 

00:24:14 Daniel 

My mother lately and he completely sucks at the game. He can’t play the game worth crap. 

00:24:19 Adam 

And he goes, he goes and now they they accepted me and my boyfriend and I’m like, I wonder if they really wanted your boyfriend because your boyfriend is more eye candy than you are. 

00:24:32 Daniel 

And you also is way better at the game or. 

00:24:35 Adam 

Or is it just I needed a complete gay couple and so they didn’t choose you until you were in a couple they didn’t want the gay guy and his mom? They wanted it’s. 

00:24:43 Daniel 

Really weird, you know, Luke, the deaf guy that was gay that had been on a couple of seasons. He on his very first season. They never mentioned that he was gay because there was a gay couple on. It’s like. 

00:24:55 Daniel 

Yeah, they limit it down to like one. You can only be one stereotype. You can either be the jocks or the you know the cheerleaders or the you know or the gay couple I guess. 

00:25:03 Adam 

And I feel like I don’t know that these two are going to do any good, but I just find the. 

00:25:10 Adam 

The couple that they focused on the fact that they both wear glasses and so, yeah, Kiki. I kinda like those too, but they don’t appear to me to be like. I don’t think they’re necessarily going to be good at the game. 

00:25:22 Daniel 

I don’t. I don’t know that. 

00:25:23 Daniel 

I I don’t know that I like the Indian brother and sister that think that they’re really ******* smart. And then, Oh yeah, they came back almost do anything. 

00:25:32 Adam 

I want to say about this episode. I felt like the challenges were really easy. Alright wait, wait. 

00:25:37 Daniel 

The very first thing at this episode that we never saw him in LAX is just like he was like go get your luggage in the very next thing we see them like in Trinidad. It was just like what how did they. How did they take a flight and. 

00:25:50 Adam 

They they spent like 5 minutes in Trinidad as well. They like it was like. 

00:25:55 Adam 

They don’t even tell marks like wait. I thought they were in LA. Yeah I I see like slums and I wasn’t paying close attention. I was like cooking or whatever and I said oh LA has slums and then I looked and I was like Oh wait, no maybe that’s Trinidad. 

00:26:11 Daniel 

That you know what that means, right? You just from a production standpoint. That means that leaving Hollywood Bowl you know, with multiple helicopters like following their cars going to LAX, then getting the LAX, then going into LAX with all the camera crews that had to follow each one of them trying to get their tickets on to a certain planes and everything that that entire thing. 

00:26:31 Daniel 

All of that film was so boring that they couldn’t even bother to include it into the episode. It’s just like, yeah, it must have been the most boards like everyone follow the traffic laws and like no, it’s like OK, well we know we’re doing that. Yes, we do. Absolutely, we know exactly what we’re doing ’cause you need to have people freaking out. 

00:26:49 Daniel 

Because you never see an amazing race couple sitting there going like. Do you have the clue? Great. Do you know what we’re going to? Oh yes, OK great well, then let’s go that way. Do you have a map? Would you like to look at him now there’s Zach looked over at me ’cause I was I was when they showed you know this season on The Amazing Race I showed a couple of upcoming klipsan it was the gays trying to make a stick shift work and James the one that’s applied 9 times going like. 

00:27:10 Daniel 

I don’t know how to drive. 

00:27:11 Daniel 

It and it’s like. 

00:27:13 Daniel 

There’s certain things. 

00:27:15 Daniel 

For game shows, like if if I were ever a contestant on The Amazing Race, I would know how to ask basic things in at least 14 languages like I would just like, you know, just rudimentary things like where’s the bathroom? Where’s the you know. 

00:27:31 Daniel 

Some food, whatever you know, just rudimentary things in 14 different languages like not, maybe 14 is overkill, but you know I’m saying like four or five different languages. I would know how to do that. I would know how to drive a stick shift. I would know how to drive a reverse stick shift. I would know how to like lucky. 

00:27:47 Adam 

For me, I’ve driven a stick, shift my entire life. 

00:27:50 Daniel 

No, but I’m just saying it’s like you. 

00:27:51 Adam 

Also learn automatic. 

00:27:52 Daniel 

Because Zach is terrified of Heights. 

00:27:55 Daniel 

So there’s like I can never do two road blocks in a row until the The Heights challenge is gone because I would have to do the Heights challenge friends like. So it’s like I can’t believe that these people get on these shows and there’s like don’t know how to it. If I was going to be on drag race, I would know how to ******* so address if I was going to be on survivor, I would know how to start a fire without needing anything, right? It’s like. 

00:28:17 Daniel 

I would practice for a month in my backyard with a pile of Twigs until I literally could just sit down and go like there’s a fire is like I would. It’s like there’s no reason that you shouldn’t. You know you’re going to need to make fire. You know that you have to do this. 

00:28:32 Adam 

Uh, so cyclone says Corona causes production problems. Now they had recorded this way before, Corona. 

00:28:39 Daniel 

Yeah, they were actually going with this originally going to air this right after the last episode. Last season of survivor, right? When we all started getting shut down so it had already been in a can the year before that. And then they decided to delay it because they were going to have a. 

00:28:53 Daniel 

They were going to have a lot of new shows for the fall. 

00:28:56 Adam 

So yeah, so it was recorded like in 2019 or early at some point. But but yeah, so oh, you know. 

00:29:03 Daniel 

Those are the ones that maybe the other reason that they cut out the whole driving to LAX and everything is because it would be so obvious that it was two years old. 

00:29:10 Adam 

I don’t know. So who are your favourites? ’cause you didn’t say? 

00:29:14 Daniel 

Alright I like. 

00:29:16 Daniel 

Pretty much the ones that use it. I like the nerdy couple. I like the gay couple. 

00:29:22 Daniel 

I like the the ones that got eliminated. 

00:29:26 Adam 

Oh yeah, why I liked their accent? ’cause it was like it was like home, yeah? 

00:29:31 Daniel 

And then there’s there’s another one. Those are just jumped out of me that this is like I, I remember the cheerleaders, the two little Asian girls. They kind of annoying to me. They’re they’re kind of like the twinsies. Remember Twinsies, Nadia, and. 

00:29:45 Adam 

Maybe yeah, I like I did, was not annoyed by them. I like them they were. 

00:29:49 Daniel 

I mean, they may grow on me. 

00:29:51 Daniel 

They may grow on me and it may be that the other ones are, you know, total ***** or whatever, but that’s where I’m at now. It’s good to have a new show to watch. That’s what I’m trying to say. 

00:30:00 Adam 

It is and I’ve never a lot of people don’t like Phil. I like Phil, I hope. 

00:30:05 Daniel 

You will not like feel the man is a cancer survivor who didn’t have a career in doing like you know. 

00:30:11 Daniel 

TV commentary it was just like he did charity events and somebody was like, hey you’d be good in front of camera and like he’s like apparently like the nicest freaking guy ever in the history of the world. Like when he runs into fans at a bar or whatever he like pay for their drinks and stuff. He’s like he’s a super nice guy. 

00:30:26 Adam 

Yeah, well, I know a lot of people like compare him to Jeff probes and like oh fills such a horrible host compared to Jeff. Wow, all that kind of stuff I think. 

00:30:35 Daniel 

You’re, you’re badly misquoting me because I said. 

00:30:41 Daniel 

Jeff Probst does color commentary on going live color commentary of the game. 

00:30:47 Adam 

Oh yeah, Phil can’t do that. He’s 

00:30:49 Daniel 

Like Jeff Probst has a serious talent for doing that. It’s just like when you figure that everything that we see is edited down, but he actually said all of those lines during the day while he’s standing there. So it’s like he’s just standing there talking nonstop. So it’s like that. 

00:31:04 Daniel 

If that event goes on for 45 minutes, he’s standing there for 45 minutes like color commentating the entire thing as it goes along. 

00:31:12 Adam 

Not only is he doing that, but he’s taking little jabs. Yeah, like man, that must be tiring, you know, I, I see your arms shaking their us. 

00:31:23 Daniel 

Yeah, and when you listen back to it, Jeff. 

00:31:25 Daniel 

And when you listen back to it is not 80 yard, it’s just like it’s it’s, it’s happening and it’s just like he’s just really freakishly good at that. And I know that when I watched like E sports stuff like, I’ll watch you know Hearthstone tournaments, or you know the old world when they need to watch. 

00:31:41 Daniel 

It’s not defensive. 

00:31:44 Daniel 

It’s not Dota, it’s the the other one. Oh my God anyway. The point is when I would watch it on the Halo know when I would watch the Call of Duty when I watch these E sport games the color commentators there are really quick at like you know saying what’s happening is just like I’m. I have a hard time keeping track of what cards are in my hand in Hearthstone, much less like going like Oh he’s about to play the green BLOB. Well you know the green blob will do this blah blah blah and it stacks. 

00:32:09 Daniel 

For this other oh look, he’s got the other card and it’s like. 

00:32:12 Daniel 

I think that’s just a thing. I just think that Minecraft, yes, Adam Minecraft don’t know. 

00:32:19 Adam 

It really creates often like Oh my God, he’s creating a bridge right now. Which material is he going to use? Oh, there’s a there’s a blocky figure. Moving towards him is. 

00:32:28 Daniel 

He going to use a sword. Here’s the thing, and I know that my point was Adam is that I think I once commented on this show or dubious intent, probably on dubious intent. I commented that Phil Keegan. 

00:32:39 Daniel 

When he had to do color commentary for one of their little. 

00:32:43 Daniel 

Pit stop challenge things. He just sucked at it really bad. He’s just like yeah it wasn’t that he’s going. 

00:32:49 Daniel 

And there he goes anyway. It doesn’t matter, we’re done talking about TV Adam and now is the point where you do that thing to let people know that will be back. 

00:33:04 Daniel 

When you think about making a podcast, your mind probably goes directly to the hardware. You know the microphone mixer, some kind of weird microphone boom stand thing, but hardware really is less than half the battle. You need to figure out what software you’re going to use to record how you’re going to edit it, what hosting company and planner you’re going to use to keep your audio on the Internet? 

00:33:24 Daniel 

Well, if you haven’t heard about anchor, it’s the easiest way to make a podcast. They provide the creation tools that allow you to record and edit your audio right from your phone or computer, and it will publish it for you. Anchor will submit your podcast to almost all of the podcasting directories, Spotify, iTunes, Google podcast. An more anchor will even help you connect with sponsors so that you can make money for your podcast with. 

00:33:48 Daniel 

Absolutely no minimum listenership required. Of course the best part is it’s all free. Download the free anchor app or go to anchor dot FM to get started. That’s anchor dot FM. 

00:34:02 Speaker 3 

Hi, I’m Bobby. I’m Jim and we are. She’s not doing so well on Wednesdays we have a new episode that comes out every Wednesday, not necessarily at noon or like 10, but sometimes she’s a little late. She’s a little late but she’s worth it so make sure you check us out on Apple, Spotify or any other major platforms. Also, you gotta she’s not doing so. Well.com. 

00:34:22 Speaker 3 

Rate us, review us and follow. 

00:34:24 Adam 

Us five stars, obviously. 

00:34:29 Speaker 4 

Great what? 

00:34:32 Speaker 4 


00:34:34 Speaker 4 


00:34:36 Speaker 4 

Everything happens. 

00:34:39 Speaker 4 


00:34:58 Speaker 4 


00:35:00 Daniel 

Excellent, it is the contact 7 of this sector. 

00:35:03 Daniel 

It is the contact segment of the show where we read your emails, play your voicemails and just generally you know, reach out to you the dear listeners. 

00:35:14 Adam 

Actually they reach out to us they. 

00:35:16 Daniel 

We we allow you to touch US. 

00:35:20 Daniel 

Hippo in the places you know wasn’t. 

00:35:23 Adam 

That a a slogan of like reach out and touch someone or something wasn’t that a. I feel like that was like a AT&T slogan or the Yellow Pages. 

00:35:34 Daniel 

Reach out and touch someone. Oh yeah, that I don’t know. Yeah, that was the elevators. Reach out, reach out and touch someone. 

00:35:40 Daniel 

OK yeah no, maybe there was a T&T. Yeah it was 18 TI don’t. 

00:35:45 Adam 

Know there was a slogan. 

00:35:47 Daniel 

Alright Adam, I we had a couple of emails, yeah? 

00:35:52 Daniel 

Would you would you like to read them? 

00:35:55 Adam 

No, because I thought you would have them pulled up. I do. 

00:35:59 Daniel 

Have oh, I know I thought oh wait here I already we got an email came into us from Vera Charles. 

00:36:05 Adam 

So then we only got one, says Adam. 

00:36:09 Daniel 

On October 9th show you said that you hated fake made up characters on podcast and cited me. 

00:36:18 Daniel 

Auntie Vera Charles was the only thing fake made up about me in my show. The name only. Everything else I talked about was the real me. Conscience was a character I played alongside the reality of me, Deborah Wilkerson and Cheryl murkowski are totally made up characters and people in there is no reality to what they talk about it. 

00:36:40 Daniel 

All made up. Deborah and Cheryl are offshoots of Madge Weinstein and her show Daniel. I sent an email that I hope you view is constructive and not a snarky or cruel. My best great. My best antigono will get to that email in a second, but I know that you specifically wanted to. ’cause the title of this email, by the way, is you ****** me off. 

00:37:00 Adam 

So Scott said that I said I. 

00:37:03 Adam 

What was the word again I hated or I didn’t like or. 

00:37:07 Daniel 

You said that you hated fake slash. Get up characters on so. 

00:37:11 Adam 

Let’s listen to this. Let’s just let’s listen. 

00:37:15 Adam 

This is one of those though. 

00:37:16 Adam 

Where kinda like auntie Vera. 

00:37:19 Adam 

They’re playing characters and that kind of always annoys me, because the thing I like about podcasts is how you feel like. You know, the people or whatever, and when it’s a character and they’re hiding behind something and you don’t really know who they are, then it. But they are funny. It kind of annoys me a little bit. Anyway, that’s it. I couldn’t pause it, sorry. I I don’t have it set to pause. 

00:37:39 Adam 

Uh, I said it annoys me. I didn’t say that I hated them or anything like that, and I called out her as a character, but I didn’t say Oh an I hated antivirus Charles or anything like that, I said. 

00:37:54 Daniel 

But you, but you did call out antivirus, Charles. 

00:37:57 Adam 

Well, yeah, but I didn’t say I hated it. 

00:38:00 Daniel 

No, you said you say annoyed to it. 

00:38:01 Adam 

And it annoyed me a little bit. Yes, and what I want to say is I I could see first of all you’re wrong. 

00:38:09 Adam 

Auntie Vera, I did not say I hated it so I just want to call you out right now by saying you overreact, I love you. 

00:38:17 Daniel 

You should have led with that before you started with the whole like. First of all, you’re wrong. 

00:38:22 Adam 

You overreacted a little bit. You know it’s fine. We look. I overreact a lot. 

00:38:27 Adam 

But Secondly, I will admit. 

00:38:30 Adam 

That if you try to read a bunch of context into what I was saying there. 

00:38:35 Adam 

And you’re a person who. 

00:38:37 Adam 

You know, really cares about what everybody thinks. Then you might read something in that I. But what I was trying to, what I was really doing. But don’t you. 

00:38:46 Daniel 

Think, but don’t you think Adam, that she didn’t need to read anything into it? You literally used his name. It’s like it’s not like you said, you know, like some people that like to do a show with a conscience or a silly voice of their own actually. 

00:38:59 Adam 

I love with conscience. 

00:39:00 Daniel 

No, but what I’m saying is is that would be. 

00:39:02 Daniel 

You know you’re not specific. You actually called him out, you’re just like going. Some people like antivirus, Charles. 

00:39:08 Adam 

Well OK look, let me this is going to sound like I’m trying to backpedal here. That is the first character that came to my mind but then thinking about it later, I really enjoyed his show because I did get to know him through the show. 

00:39:23 Adam 

And I actually enjoyed conscience as a character, and I don’t mind having like a side character or whatever I. 

00:39:28 Daniel 

Would I would say, yeah, I would say that Vera was not a character. Conscious was a character, but Vera wasn’t a character. 

00:39:34 Adam 

Right, but but that’s the first name that came to my mind. But what I really meant was the ones where they’re totally a character. 

00:39:43 Adam 

And you’re not getting to know like, well, I don’t want to call anybody else out. ’cause I don’t trust anybody off so I’m not gonna. 

00:39:49 Adam 

But there are podcasts where it’s completely not that person. Yes, and they read the whole podcast is a character. 

00:39:59 Daniel 

Yes, a lot of comedians do that. They have it then. I comedic character and they will do a podcast in the style of that character. 

00:40:05 Adam 

And I don’t enjoy. Annoy is even a strong word. I don’t enjoy those as much because I like. 

00:40:11 Adam 

To because to me podcasting is like you’re having a friendship with someone. You’re getting to know them. Your you know whatever and so I prefer the ones where. 

00:40:22 Adam 

It’s more of a, you know, a real person talking to you. That’s it, that’s it. But Auntie Vera is right. Scott is right, his show was a real person talking to you. He just used a different name. 

00:40:36 Adam 

So I’m so sorry, please forgive me. 

00:40:39 Daniel 

OK, and then I got another email from Vera that had some other things in it, but the things that are important for this particular show, it’s like re listened to your latest mix minus podcast, which by the way sounded great. It just sounded great. 

00:40:57 Daniel 

Little clip, you just play there sounded awesome. 

00:41:00 Adam 

Did he say that or? 

00:41:01 Daniel 

You sign, that’s me, that’s me sprinkling in my things anyway, he says re listen to your latest mix. Minus podcast count the times you say like then come to your own conclusion. I was waiting for you to do the transcription on it and I was going to ask you. That’s why I remember when I asked you the other day. If you had done the. 

00:41:18 Daniel 

Transcription on the show haven’t ’cause I was gonna just run through it and do a word count on like just to see what it came up to but. 

00:41:25 Adam 

I’m going to have a really good excuse for this. 

00:41:27 Adam 

I was going to and then I had to set up all the stuff for level 13. The you know the feed and all that kind of stuff and that that took told the phone so I said ideal the Fed up. 

00:41:39 Daniel 

Though You used my asking you to set up level 13 is an excuse. Just recently on your podcast on the geeky gate, you said that you use that as an excuse for not being able to do. 

00:41:50 Daniel 

Something else with mittens? 

00:41:52 Adam 

Yeah it. How many things did that? My life. 

00:41:55 Daniel 

Is literally a 40 minute conversation. How did this screw up like your entire week? 

00:42:01 Adam 

It didn’t screw it up, I just didn’t have anymore that. That was my bandwidth for the week. 

00:42:06 Adam 

So you know my mix minus bandwidth. 

00:42:10 Daniel 

I am so high maintenance that then a 40 minute phone call with me. 

00:42:14 Adam 

No, it wasn’t the phone call I had to like, you know, do all the WordPress stuff to set up the feed and you know get that ready for you to then. 

00:42:23 Adam 

Use that took some time. I set up the WordPress site now that was last week, but still I’m just saying I will do the transcription is the next thing on my list. 

00:42:35 Adam 

But this week the the feed stuff was no. It’s fine that. 

00:42:39 Daniel 

I was if you hadn’t done. If all you had to do is just tell me know, can you do it? ’cause I have Office 365 I could have done it also. 

00:42:46 Adam 

But I I had every intention of it I. 

00:42:48 Daniel 

Was offering to help. I didn’t get to that point ’cause you didn’t. 

00:42:52 Adam 

So now kind of way. Someone cyclone. 

00:42:56 Adam 

Would you go back and count all the likes please? I’m just kidding. I’m not kidding. We’ll just do it through that will do this. 

00:43:02 Daniel 

Cool will do. The transcription stuff will do the train anyway. That’s not important at ’em, but thank you auntie Vera for that. Those two emails that you sent there that was very nice of you. We got a few other emails but they were all for people that wanted to join level 13. 

00:43:17 Daniel 

Um, so yeah, we’ve got about. I want to say about six or seven folks. 

00:43:22 Adam 

Got about a million members in level 13 right now. Six or seven. 

00:43:27 Daniel 

Folks right now, over in level 13, and you know. 

00:43:31 Daniel 

You could be in the next. 

00:43:33 Daniel 

Super easy to do. 

00:43:36 Daniel 

I don’t know why I felt the need to repeat that you already knew her. I went on for about 10 minutes at the beginning of the show. Anyway, that’s it. Thank you guys for your emails an there’s no voicemail so wait is there let me let me just double check, make sure I didn’t like lose an email here. 

00:43:51 Adam 

So Scott really keys in on. 

00:43:55 Adam 

Verbal diarrhea. Verbal crutch is verbal. We like to call it Suppository zne 

00:44:01 Daniel 

Logorrhea, it’s diarrhea of the mouth. 

00:44:03 Adam 

So anytime you say, uh, um, like? 

00:44:09 Adam 

Any of those things that you do, Scott really picks up on that because he’s a. 

00:44:16 Adam 

Voiceover artist 

00:44:18 Daniel 

But you know what? Alright, thanks, but you do. You do realize that he does that because he loves us. 

00:44:24 Adam 

No, I know. 

00:44:24 Daniel 

I’m not ’cause I did I do the same thing with. She’s not doing so well. Let me see. Also Alex also send an email link. Was there something wrong with your audio on this last episode ’cause I did like tell me exactly how you have your mixer setup. 

00:44:36 Adam 

No, I love Scott. I love Scott more than just about anybody. 

00:44:41 Adam 

And I love the fact that he loves me. I think we have a mutual loving relationship. 

00:44:47 Daniel 

He probably should have led with that instead of like you’re. 

00:44:50 Adam 

Wrong, no, but he was wrong. I mean look, somebody can be wrong and you can love them. He’s made mistakes in his life. He almost burned his house down. 

00:45:00 Adam 

With instant pot on on top of a gas burner so he can be wrong occasionally love you, Scott. 

00:45:10 Adam 

I’m gonna stop I’m gonna just stop right now, right? So I’m gonna leave this segment is that OK? Yeah, great. 

00:45:22 Daniel 


00:45:23 Daniel 

Can we know actually waiting for there be a pause long enough for me to hit the button. It was just like wait. 

00:45:28 Adam 

You know, actually he has he. He does notice those things, but he when he’s doing his voice over stuff, it’s a script. 

00:45:39 Adam 

Yes, so but he did a live show for years so. 

00:45:42 Daniel 

He does alive, so now we don’t. 

00:45:44 Adam 

Have a live show now. 

00:45:45 Daniel 

We don’t script that Darn Office anyway. Was going to do before you went into your little bit. I don’t know you have another thing though, go ahead. 

00:45:54 Adam 

Oh **** what? What’s my other? 

00:45:55 Daniel 

Thing something about email versus audio? OK so. 

00:45:59 Adam 

This is really short, but I just found this amusing. I amused myself. 

00:46:05 Daniel 

Did you chuckle? So I don’t know. 

00:46:06 Adam 

How well a little bit might be internally. So I I got an email from an ex of mine who I mean we’re friends. I keep up with him. He keeps up with me. We’re not Matty the other one. 

00:46:20 Adam 

Uh, I mean, I’m not saying that like I hate Matty or anything but. 

00:46:24 Daniel 

No, you just saw that expression on my face. I mean over is it Matty, is it no? It’s not in my head. 

00:46:30 Adam 

It’s Nathan in England. I’ll get back when you used to live in the UK. You never talk about that. I never do that. So usually he and I would talk on Facebook and you know, not a lot. But like once every couple of months or something, one of us would message the other one etc etc. Just to kinda. He’s married now and mean to a guy, obviously. 

00:46:51 Adam 

And bought a condo in Canary Wharf, which is a very expensive area. He must be doing very well in his computer career. But anyway, I Digress. 

00:46:59 Daniel 

Or or he’s investing funds. 

00:47:01 Adam 

I don’t know, so he but I. I recently not within the past 3, four or five months. I’ve really stopped looking at Facebook like at all. 

00:47:12 Adam 

So if anyone like Tim and Alaska doesn’t tweet, he always puts up on Facebook. He now at mentions mark or whatever you call it on Facebook, so mark can tell me he said something ’cause I I don’t know. So and that’s where Nathan I had had talked in the past and so Nathan sent me this long email today. 

00:47:33 Daniel 

Did he need to smuggle money out of the country and you know give you $1,000,000 if you just put 1000 in in this account? 

00:47:40 Adam 

He just wanted to catch up. It was just. It was just like. 

00:47:44 Adam 

Stuff about he’s reading. The new Mariah Carey Documentary Book and I don’t know. Yeah, it was stuff like that at. 

00:47:50 Daniel 

Them did you talk like that? He’s like no. 

00:47:52 Adam 

Not, not quite like that, so anyway. 

00:47:55 Adam 

And I and I got to reading this and I was like man. 

00:47:58 Adam 

I really do want to like, you know, chat with him and everything but the thought of writing like a long email I I just I wasn’t man, it was just like just I. It just seems so distasteful to me to write this long email to answer all the things he said and all that I was thinking. 

00:48:17 Adam 

I should just record like a personal podcast for him. You should be like, feel like you know it’s the you know whatever I can. I don’t really have a theme song or anything like that, but I should just record it doesn’t have to be a plan. Mark was like, Well, you could just do like like even. 

00:48:35 Adam 

You know on your phone you have a thing where you can just like record like like people do when they’re calling. Yeah, and then you can just attach it to an email and then he can listen to it or. 

00:48:44 Daniel 

I would do that. You know what I would do is like I would do that. I would do a recording and then I throw it into Microsoft Word for it to auto generate a transcript and then just like copy and paste the transcript. Then attach the audio file. 

00:48:56 Adam 

But at that point, isn’t it just as much work as just typing out an email? I, you know, I could literally sit down here and do like I do with contact on geeky gay where I’m just like I don’t know like read his email out and be like Oh yeah, well, that’s a good point. You know I. 

00:49:13 Daniel 

My problem, I think, is is that when I write. 

00:49:16 Daniel 

A different piece of my brain engages like when I’m talking, I can talk and just say whatever I’m going to say. And of course you know I go back and listen to it later. I’m like, oh that’s probably not the best way to say. But I got the point across and well, but I think when I’m writing, I strive more for a more perfect form of so then I think about what words I’m going to use and in what order and then. 

00:49:39 Daniel 

No, that doesn’t sound right. This doesn’t sound right an now I just leave that out and this too complicated and so I just feel like. 

00:49:47 Daniel 

It’s just easier for me to talk than it is to type an. If something auto generates the transcription for me, like I I used to do this experiment back when we did. Do bees intent when I would go to Disney or go to like some event? I would tweet out all day long that only using voice to text I’m not typing. 

00:50:07 Daniel 

Anything today I’m only using voice and I literally would just start talking and send a tweet. Just you know I’m saying is like I didn’t. I just let the Google voice to text do its thing and it would send out some crazy tweets. They made no sense, but 90% of what it tweeted out was exactly what I said, right? It’s like an over the years has gotten even better. It’s scary. 

00:50:28 Daniel 

How good Google I translate is? 

00:50:31 Adam 

Cyclone says he’s going to send me some stationary, no ice like an email would be typed. I’m certainly not going to write something an then Mail it to the UK to London or whatever. Now, I’m not. I’m not going to do. Also I can’t be mailing stuff right now. I don’t want to. I don’t want anything to prevent the United States Postal Service. 

00:50:51 Adam 

From being able to deliver all of the ballots by timely fashion. 

00:50:57 Daniel 

You know it occurs to me, Adam, that you’ve been talking about cyclone, and I think you we said something earlier about the chat room. What is this chat room that you’re Speaking of? 

00:51:05 Adam 

Uh, we have a chat room at Pride Ford so we stream live on Friday evenings. I don’t think we’ve talked about that either. 

00:51:12 Adam 

At Pride48.com, which is a home of many, many. 

00:51:16 Adam 

LGBT and LGBTQ plus friendly. 

00:51:20 Adam 

Podcasts yes, and and so we stream over there. That’s it, pride48.com and our chat room is a discord chat room that we use ’cause we’re, we have moved on up to the twenty 20s. 

00:51:34 Daniel 

We were moving on up. 

00:51:36 Adam 

And did you know that the guy who the guy the main guy for? 

00:51:41 Adam 

The Jeffersons I don’t know what he was, the writer, the producer that Norman Lear guy or whatever. 

00:51:46 Daniel 

Norman Lear. 

00:51:47 Adam 

So he’s 98 years old and he’s still doing whatever it is that he does for like one day at a time and and those live things that Jimmy Kimmel is doing. Yeah, Norman Lear is still working on those things. I’m like, man. He’s 98, but. 

00:52:00 Daniel 

It’s not a very. 

00:52:01 Daniel 

Yeah, probably not a hard job. 

00:52:03 Adam 

So maybe not, and so we have that and tonight in the chat room. Yes, we have cyclone we have Ed Gong and we have TB. 

00:52:15 Daniel 

Now we have cycling, who, by the way is not only our executive producer, but he’s also a member of level. 

00:52:20 Adam 

13 he’s not only the president of the hair club, he’s also a member. 

00:52:24 Daniel 

I was thinking about. 

00:52:25 Daniel 

You know, as you can make, you can make different levels for people in you know like so that their name show up in different colours and stuff like that you can make different roles for people on discord. And I was thinking about on the level 13 discord, maybe like the 1st 20 people like become like founders or something and they said their name will always be in a different color like a little back and. 

00:52:44 Adam 

Then some someone dies, they become Ameritas they can. 

00:52:48 Daniel 

They can auction off one of their colors is just like I wish one of the original yellows. 

00:52:53 Adam 

Lord Byron would be, you know, level 13 or emeritus. 

00:52:59 Daniel 

Yeah, just don’t call it a little show. He would get very angry, but that is also an inside joke alright? 

00:53:05 Adam 

So wait, we’re done with that topic, but and you’re the wrong person to ask, but going to anyway. But do you think it would be weird if he just gets an email from me with an audio file attached and nothing else? And it’s just me like talking into a microphone? 

00:53:20 Adam 

Having a 1 sided conversation with him. 

00:53:22 Daniel 

As long as, like the first words of the audio recording art look, I know this is weird, but it’s just I’ve. My life is really crazy right now and I’m all set up to do recording stuff and it’s just easier for me to record this and type it. 

00:53:36 Adam 

OK, I’ll just clip that little explanation that you did, like that at the beginning, the. 

00:53:41 Daniel 

Following is a recorded. 

00:53:46 Daniel 

You said what you did is like look, I apologize for this. I know it’s kind of weird for you to hear this recording everything. But my transcriptionist got pregnant and she’s like out on leave right now and I just like I don’t really trust the other people. And so you’re going to have to deal with it. ’cause I don’t know how to type. 

00:54:02 Adam 

Yeah, Mark doesn’t know shorthand. 

00:54:04 Daniel 

Since since the accident when I lost my arms, I just can’t type anymore. 

00:54:11 Daniel 

I don’t know. Alright, let’s go there. Let’s go there let’s go here. 

00:54:22 Speaker 5 

Nearest game it’s a news game written news game. 

00:54:28 Daniel 

What questions will he ask? 

00:54:31 Daniel 

It is the mixed minus news quiz news game. I guess I shouldn’t say news game in one place and then call it a news quiz somewhere else, but you know who does. Call it? News quiz is the New York Times, which is where it comes from. And if you want to play along at home, you can have her to nytimes.com. Search for news quiz and you two will find the questions Adam is going to read me 5. 

00:54:51 Daniel 

Of the 11 questions from the New York Times News quiz, these are multiple choice questions and I using only my head, brain and mouth words, will answer the the give the answer. 

00:55:03 Daniel 

I will try to do it without asking for the multiple choice, but if I get stuck I’m going to ask for what the choices are at. What’s the first question this evening? 

00:55:12 Adam 

The the first question I was just kind of perusing through here. 

00:55:18 Daniel 

Yeah, I think the one thing I didn’t point out is that Adam always tries to find sports questions or something that he knows that I won’t know. 

00:55:24 Adam 

Now, that’s not true. 

00:55:26 Adam 

Because this first one is political. What did the California Republican Party admit to placing across the state? 

00:55:35 Daniel 

Ballot boxes 

00:55:37 Adam 

A ballot box is that your answer ballot? 

00:55:39 Daniel 

Boxes is my answer. 

00:55:41 Adam 

Can you be more descriptive than ballot collection boxes? No. OK, it’s fine ballot boxes, but the I don’t know if this is correct or not, but the The Choice Yes, is deceptively labeled. 

00:55:55 Daniel 

Oh yeah, Yeah, ’cause it says official ballot box on it, yeah? 

00:55:59 Adam 

This is very important. OK, yes, so let’s. Let’s see if that is correct. It is indeed correct. On Monday, California officials sent a cease and desist order to the state and County level. Republican parties, ordering them to remove deceptively labeled official drop boxes that were virtually indistinguishable. 

00:56:21 Adam 

From drop off brought but the bit the back from drop off sites sanction. So wait wait now I have not heard this story. I’m like raising my arms. Wait yes or these ballot boxes that are like fake yeah or like if I don’t think is it like a trash can? 

00:56:40 Daniel 

No, no, it just makes a rectangle to. 

00:56:42 Daniel 

Look in California. They they have drop off boxes. There you can drop off your ballots and they have them in numerous different locations like we have them in Florida at your whatever. Our voting locations are, so they’ll be one starting on Monday. They’ll be one at the high school up the road here and at the Public Library near us and all that stuff but. 

00:57:00 Daniel 

In California, there is no law. As it turns out, that says that you can’t collect ballots for other people and go and deliver them, so that’s what the Republican Party is saying is like look, we’re going to deliver these ballots. We’re just making it easier for people to be able to turn them in ’cause we can put ’em in spots that are very high traffic that you can’t put your ballot boxes in so. 

00:57:22 Daniel 

Yeah, an the Republican Party actually ignored the cease and assist letter as of like the other day so. 

00:57:29 Adam 

They’re saying we’re we’re going to turn in these ballots. 

00:57:32 Daniel 

Yes, and in fairness there’s been there has been no proof for there’s been no accusations that they’re not. 

00:57:39 Daniel 

Forwarding these ballots on to the proper place. 

00:57:43 Daniel 

But at the same time you know it’s just one of those suspicious things. OK, it’s like. Why are you are labeling this thing official ballot box? And the reason you’re calling it officials because there’s no law that says I can’t. 

00:57:56 Adam 

Which two countries are in a battle over the disputed territory of Nagorno Karabakh, Jesus Christ? 

00:58:06 Adam 

I don’t know if I I don’t know if I said that correctly. 

00:58:09 Daniel 

OK, I I have no idea what are my choices were my choice. 

00:58:13 Adam 

Armenia and Azerbaijan. You mean Armenia? 

00:58:17 Adam 

Armenia it’s not Armenia Armenia, it’s spelled ARMEN it’s not. 

00:58:23 Daniel 

EE I know it’s Armenian. 

00:58:25 Adam 

Armenia, Armenia, Armenia, Armenia. I I don’t say Armenia, I’m sorry. Armenia and Turkey. 

00:58:33 Daniel 

Armenia and Turkey. 

00:58:35 Adam 

Yes, Azerbaijan and Georgia. 

00:58:37 Daniel 

00:58:38 Adam 

Or Turkey and Georgia? Well, the Devil went down to Georgia. He was looking for so. 

00:58:44 Daniel 

He was in a bind ’cause he’s way behind. He’s willing to make a deal. 

00:58:49 Daniel 

I have no idea, I’m gonna say. 

00:58:54 Daniel 

It’s Armenia, were there two different Armenia Choice? 

00:58:57 Adam 

Armenian Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey. Those were the two with Armenia. 

00:59:02 Daniel 

Was there a Turkey in a Georgia? 

00:59:04 Adam 

There was a Turkey in Georgia and there was an Azerbaijan and Georgia. 

00:59:08 Daniel 

Alright, let’s go. Let’s go Turkey and Georgia. 

00:59:11 Adam 

Turkey and Georgia that would be incorrect. 

00:59:14 Daniel 

OK fine, I have no idea. 

00:59:16 Adam 

The correct answer Daniel is, well, that is not a sports question by the way. 

00:59:22 Adam 

The correct answer is Armenia and Azerbaijan. You know, I know. I knew someone. I knew someone once from Azerbaijan. 

00:59:31 Daniel 

Really, did you ever live there though? 

00:59:33 Adam 

Know us simmering decades long conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the enclave of Nagorno Karabakh. 

00:59:43 Adam 

Erupted a few weeks ago into a conflagration of trench warfare, drone strikes and artillery bombardments. More than 500 Armenian Armenian soldiers, yes, have. 

00:59:55 Daniel 

Died or you know where Armenian soldiers are from Adam Armenia there from. 

01:00:01 Adam 

Armenia that is not nearly as strong as the way you were saying. 

01:00:04 Adam 




01:00:07 Adam 

I don’t believe her. I mean Yeah, is she a pronunciation expert? Do we know this person like? What are the credentials Armenia? What are his credentials? He’s. 

01:00:18 Daniel 

From howtopronounce.com I’m not. 

01:00:20 Adam 

Like a It’s not like a Google translator. Something Armenia, Yeah, whatever Carlo Acutis a young Italian. 

01:00:28 Adam 

May become the first millennial what lakutis of Borg. 

01:00:35 Adam 

Carlo Acutis 

01:00:38 Adam 

A young Italian may become the first millennial what St were you looking at the chat room? 

01:00:45 Daniel 

No, I read this story. 

01:00:48 Daniel 

’cause I was thinking how much it sounded like the cutest. 

01:00:53 Adam 

Yeah, Carlo, a teenager who lived in Milan, Milan. 

01:00:58 Adam 

And died in 2006 is on his way to becoming the first Millennial to be recognized as a St in the Roman Catholic Church. 

01:01:06 Daniel 

There you go. 

01:01:07 Adam 

Fun, Alright? 

01:01:09 Adam 

Question the K pop band. 

01:01:11 Daniel 

This is the penultimate question. This is question #4. 

01:01:14 Adam 

Yeah, this is question #4. 

01:01:16 Adam 

The K pop band BTS made comments during a recent Korean War tribute that started a social media storm in which country? 

01:01:29 Daniel 

Oh um, what what’s my? 

01:01:32 Adam 

What am I? You have a China? 

01:01:35 Daniel 

I was laughing at BTS. I would literally before the show I was playing BTS’s new song on the downstairs. 

01:01:41 Adam 

That, do you have Russia, South Korea? 

01:01:44 Adam 

And United States. 

01:01:47 Daniel 

Alright, I was talking what was the first choice China note say Russia say it correctly China China China China? 

01:01:55 Adam 

Russia, South Korea or United States. 

01:02:01 Daniel 

It is, uh, the China. 

01:02:05 Adam 

That’s correct, yeah, they. 

01:02:07 Adam 

Chinese social media filled with outrage after the leader of the Korean pop group BTS acknowledged the shared suffering of Americans and Koreans but failed to mention the sacrifices of Chinese soldier soldiers who fought for North Korea during a recent ceremony commemorating the Korean War. 

01:02:27 Daniel 

How do I find the podcast on line? The links won’t work on pride 48. 

01:02:30 Daniel 

#5 someone is asking like how to listen to our show at the moment and I’m the hold on but. 

01:02:40 Adam 

Yes they do. There’s a. There’s a listen link that should work well depending on no it should work. 

01:02:46 Daniel 

Right if you can. If you I’m just going to reply to this really quick. If you go tune in the chat room you can click on the audio. 

01:02:57 Adam 

I’m just listening to see. 

01:03:00 Daniel 


01:03:00 Daniel 

OK, I hope I hope it’s streaming out. 

01:03:04 Adam 

Yeah, we’re streaming. Yeah, the link on pride48.com. 

01:03:08 Daniel 

Oh, maybe, maybe she was saying like she can’t get to the chat room. 

01:03:11 Adam 

For me the link where it says listen live. 

01:03:16 Adam 

Opens in a new browser tab and then you click play. I don’t know. I mean no but. 

01:03:20 Daniel 

How do you? How do you get to the the chat room though? 

01:03:23 Daniel 

What button is there on the website for that? 

01:03:25 Adam 

Oh the chat. 

01:03:26 Daniel 

Is that button work? Yeah, did you try it just now? Yeah. 

01:03:31 Daniel 

I’m just saying the email specifically said the links do not work. Obviously this person is listening to the show. 

01:03:37 Adam 

The the links, yes it takes you right to the chat room where cyclone is typing right now. 

01:03:44 Daniel 

Well, I’m just going to. 

01:03:46 Adam 

Grab it so I don’t know here. I’ll grab so anyway, I don’t know if I was saying something before. Yes I was. I was gonna ask the next question. 

01:03:54 Daniel 

Yes, the final question did it. 

01:03:56 Daniel 

Do do do do do do, do, do do do. 

01:03:59 Adam 

Do OK, we’re going to have to do. We’re going to have. Yeah, here’s your final question. Which soccer star has tested positive for the coronavirus Jesus Christ? 

01:04:15 Adam 

So your options are Sam Kerr, Lionel Messi. 

01:04:20 Adam 

Megan rapino, Lionel Richie or Rapinoe Rapinoe. I don’t know Megan Rapinoe. Maybe Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Richie, Lionel Messi is incorrect. Yeah, the correct answer is Cristiano Ronaldo, one of soccer’s biggest stars and among the world’s most famous athletes. 

01:04:42 Adam 

Has tested positive for coronavirus, Portugal Soccer Federation. Announced on Tuesday. He’s not displaying symptoms an he entered isolation away from the rest of Portugal’s players. We have one bonus question, Daniel. Oh, we do. Yeah, bonus question ’cause you’ve missed a couple. 

01:04:59 Daniel 

So yeah, I know I’m three of fire. The worst give you. 

01:05:02 Daniel 


01:05:03 Adam 

We’re going to give you a bonus here. Bonus points OK. Bonus point if you can answer this one, the mother of which former US presidential candidate John Hyde on Monkey. 

01:05:15 Daniel 

John McCain’s mother died on Monday. 

01:05:17 Adam 

At 108 

01:05:20 Adam 

That is correct. Internal with McCain. Do you know? 

01:05:22 Daniel 

What she was upset about. 

01:05:25 Adam 

No, I don’t know what she was upset. 

01:05:26 Daniel 

About art, she had been waiting days for her ballot to get there, so she could vote against Trump is like she she literally had been like waiting for Mail in ballot to arrive. 

01:05:35 Adam 

Did she make it? 

01:05:36 Daniel 

I don’t remember which is. I heard this on the I heard this on the morning Joe’s. I was like walking past to get my shower on Monday. 

01:05:43 Adam 

So yeah, you are four out of six today. Daniel, that is your final score, Boo. So you missed 2. One of them was not a sports question. 

01:05:55 Adam 

It was geography. 

01:05:57 Daniel 

Yeah, and the other questions are probably super easy, so I assigned the way it’s your game. I get your game. 

01:06:01 Adam 

By the way, you, I just want to say, have you ever played Trivial Pursuit? Yes, that game will make you feel so dumb. I mean, maybe not you. But mark and I were playing Trivial Pursuit, so we played Trivial Pursuit last Saturday ’cause we have little game night. 

01:06:18 Adam 


01:06:20 Adam 

And he thought it was odd. I mean, he didn’t really like it that I picked Trivial Pursuit ’cause he’s like, won’t things be a lot of American questions and I’m from the Philippines, but I’m like, Well, you know, we haven’t played this anyway, so it took us hours. 

01:06:36 Adam 

To complete our pie because we we kept getting questions wrong. 

01:06:40 Daniel 

I can get most of the categories I can. I usually can come up with an answer for most categories except sports like I never is like my go to is just to say Mohammed Ali or Arnold Palmer because those tend to be. 

01:06:56 Daniel 

A lot of the same answers. 

01:06:57 Adam 

But I think what I’m gonna do just I think just for fun. 

01:07:02 Adam 

I’m gonna add a Trivial Pursuit question to our quiz or something every week. 

01:07:07 Daniel 

Just not just sports category. 

01:07:09 Adam 

And just see like how you do because I honestly I feel like I need to go on their website and see if they have like a a juniors version or like a beginner. Beginner trivia trivia for dummies. That’s all. That’s all we need. 

01:07:25 Daniel 

I’ll send you the the Disney Trivia Trivial Pursuit and you can ask me a question from from the Disney trivia. 

01:07:33 Adam 

You can, but I want to see I yeah. I mean I’m fine with that, but I want to also see you know if you know how you can answer these. But you know, cyclone says it’s from the 80s and so if you’re over 50 it’s easy for you. But I mean they do have some really old history questions like. 

01:07:50 Adam 

In Roman times blah blah blah. I mean there are some really, but you know if you’ve been out of school for a few years, you forget these things. Unless you’re like, I just you watch jeopardy every day or something. 

01:08:02 Daniel 

Right, like if you had to graph something like in algebra like solve this equation on a graph, I would have no ******* clue. It’s like and I I would be mad at the person that asked me. That would be like. 

01:08:13 Daniel 

Who the **** are you? Why are you ******* asking what in what real world application would I ever ******* need to know that anyway we need to end this segment so that we can move on. 

01:08:27 Daniel 

Alright, you have one thing here on the board that has been, you know in my face the entire show which is a your little card here that says Daniels wrong. 

01:08:40 Adam 

I have another. I have another clip for you, Daniel. 

01:08:43 Adam 

OK, I want you to listen. 

01:08:45 Daniel 

Climb ready, I’m ready. 

01:08:47 Adam 

I mean you know that actor he wants to be on any Star Trek. 

01:08:50 Daniel 

I’ll let him be Michael Dorn anymore for the longest time, not for the longest time. For a while there he was the Star Trek actor on the most different series. But Jonathan Frakes now has him beat, says Jonathan Frakes has been on. 

01:09:05 Daniel 

It’s an enterprise. He was on deep space, nine was on Voyager. He was on card and he was on enterprise. 

01:09:14 Adam 

And enterprise you said that already, but recently? 

01:09:17 Adam 

Yesterday or two days ago he was in look. I didn’t say, Oh Oh, you just said I didn’t say that. I didn’t say that Daniel. Yes and I did say, but I thought that was kind of a long clip so I stopped it. I did say on the clip. Listen back to the tape. There you go. We have listened back to the tape. You indeed did say enterprise. 

01:09:38 Daniel 

I believe if you had continued listening on the original recording after you said listen magazine was like, well, I may have said it wrong, but I meant enterprise. And no, I heard it the other day when I was listening to the show on our way to the mall. 

01:09:54 Adam 

I don’t know about all that, but that I just wanted to prove to the audience. 

01:09:58 Daniel 

That you know this this just. 

01:10:00 Daniel 

Proves how much trust you have in me. Adam, because you know that I added the show, I could of course fix the clip. 

01:10:07 Adam 

I have reporting here. 

01:10:09 Daniel 

I could fix the clip in the playback that makes Oh well, flip it around so that it actually says the right thing. 

01:10:17 Adam 

I’ll get it out there one way or the other, but he’s a gentleman. Oh, somehow I’ll get it out there. 

01:10:25 Daniel 

I don’t know what that means, but it oh **** sorry, I just hit the wrong hit the wrong button. 

01:10:32 Adam 

The see that’s what I was afraid. I was afraid, not afraid. But one thing that I thought about that mixer. 

01:10:38 Adam 

Yes, was that it would be hard to know which sound effects you were. 

01:10:44 Daniel 

Oh no, no, you know what they actually. I just don’t have a thing. They give you a little inset that sits around the the things an it’s like a grease board. You can actually write with a pen like what each sound effects is an you have multiples of this. You can swap them out ’cause you can have up to three sound boards, but now I literally. 

01:11:01 Daniel 

I have a color coding system the The Dark Blues are the endings an the light Blues are the intros and I was trying to hit that. Yeah I accidentally went to the wrong thing. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. 

01:11:16 Daniel 

Nobody cares. 

01:11:18 Adam 

They you would think with all the technology that there is out there that they could make those little LCD this but. 

01:11:26 Daniel 

Is a $700.00 mixer if they put in custom LED buttons on here if we only got so it would be like $100,000 mixer. 

01:11:33 Adam 

No, the Elgato stream do Mahiki does that, and it’s not expensive. 

01:11:38 Daniel 

Why am I ending the show I’m. 

01:11:40 Adam 

We’re done, aren’t we? 

01:11:41 Daniel 

We have stuff from the in our email from our executive producer that just something that I have to do. And I I’m so sorry. 

01:11:49 Adam 

You can edit that, right? We’re just going or not, we’re just going to. 

01:11:53 Daniel 

Know I’m taking the whole second now. Sorry now I have to find it. 

01:11:57 Daniel 

I had this up earlier and then I like closed. 

01:12:01 Adam 

It wasn’t on the Trello. I mean, I know it’s never on the Trello, but I was really looking at the Trello. 

01:12:06 Daniel 

I put it there Alright. Adam, you know there’s a whole bunch of things today. States yeah, things that happened today. 

01:12:14 Daniel 

In in in time, things happened today back in time, but I just wanted to let you know that today. 

01:12:21 Adam 

Well, Daniel, I can tell you something that happened today in history. What a week ago today in history, you said enterprise twice. 

01:12:30 Daniel 

You know what Adam? I’m gonna defer to you because today is National Bosses Day and you know, as my boss, I’ll just let you have that one happy, Happy Bosses Day Adam, Yeah? 

01:12:41 Adam 

Thank you guys, I appreciate. 

01:12:43 Daniel 

It also global Cat Day, which I didn’t really see. A lot of cats on social media today, so. 

01:12:49 Adam 

So I I’m OK and I’ve said this before. I’m OK with cats. 

01:12:53 Adam 

I do think cats are kind of itchy in general, but I don’t dislike cats, but I’m allergic to cats and my eyes will swell up like balloons if I touch a cat and then touch my face. Or like you know. 

01:13:07 Daniel 

But yeah, you have a dog. 

01:13:09 Adam 

And I no. I’m not allergic to dogs. There’s literally you can look it up. There’s this dander they call it. 

01:13:14 Adam 

This cat dander. 

01:13:16 Adam 

And that’s what you’re allergic to. If you’re allergic to cats. 

01:13:19 Daniel 

In this day, looks don’t have that. OK, great on this day. In 1856, Oscar Wilde was born. I don’t know him, Oscar. Why is he a author? I mean, I’ve heard the name, but it’s not being lazy. Fabulously homosexual. Yes, it’s like. The rumor goes that on his deathbed he sat up and said, either this wallpaper goes or I do. 

01:13:39 Daniel 

Anyway, also on this day in 1923 the Walt Disney Company was founded, so October 16th, 1923, the Walt Disney Company was, well, you. 

01:13:49 Adam 

Probably knew that off the top of your head. 

01:13:51 Daniel 

Yeah, of course I did awesome because I read it. 

01:13:55 Daniel 

Anyway, in 1793, Marie Antoinette was beheaded and let’s see what else is of the El Camino was introduced the Chevrolet El Camino was introduced in what year? Adam? I? 

01:14:07 Adam 

Have no idea 62. 

01:14:11 Adam 

Yeah, I don’t know. 

01:14:13 Daniel 

58 you’re close. You’re close. I was close. It was an now what I’m going to do is I’m going to very quietly head over here and find the theme song. 

01:14:23 Adam 

To a movie. 

01:14:25 Daniel 

To a movie that was the number one at the box office and I’m going to see if you can identify. 

01:14:34 Daniel 

What the movie is. Let’s see if we get it right here. 

01:14:44 Speaker 6 


01:14:46 Speaker 4 


01:14:52 Speaker 6 

When I’ll take you up tonight with me. 

01:14:57 Speaker 6 

Honey, here’s the way. It’s gonna be. Well you will set behind a team of Snow White horses. Is it Oklahoma? 

01:15:09 Daniel 

But it is o’clock. 

01:15:11 Adam 

So I thought you were going to pick so listeners let listeners. You may not know this an I don’t want you to think that I’m smarter than I am, so I’m just going to be upfront with everyone. It’s it’s more of a multiple choice for me because I you know I do have some options here that I’m looking at. 

01:15:29 Adam 

But I can look at the list usually and figure out what I think you’re going to play, but also. 

01:15:36 Adam 

I think the theme to Oklahoma. I don’t think that was a thing because I think no. It was Oklahoma literally would be. 

01:15:41 Daniel 

Yeah, oh close yeah yeah no. 

01:15:44 Adam 

So you’re you’re missing about. You gotta go, Oh Klahoma, there’s a there’s like a whip crack. 

01:15:51 Adam 


01:15:53 Adam 

You when you hear it’s it’s right there anyway who? 

01:15:56 Daniel 

Was in the movie who was in the movie Oklahoma? 

01:15:58 Adam 

Adam, I do not know. 

01:16:00 Adam 

I wish it was Barbra Streisand in. 

01:16:02 Daniel 

There no, but I’ll give you a hint. She was. She had her of gold. 

01:16:06 Adam 

Like her mother, that one. 

01:16:08 Daniel 

I’m just saying she had her of gold. 

01:16:10 Adam 

The youngest one is. 

01:16:14 Adam 

Youngest one is Marsha, the Brady Bunch Girl. No, I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know who was in it, but it oh Shirley Jones. 

01:16:21 Daniel 

Oh that’s right, oh **** so it wasn’t. 

01:16:26 Daniel 

Sorry, I was thinking was Florence Henderson it was. He was surely he was surely John so I should have fled. Come on get happy is what I should have said oh. 

01:16:33 Adam 

Well yeah Shirley Jones Daniel, I don’t know if you knew that, but I didn’t know that. 

01:16:37 Daniel 

But I just was so glad that I did other things. You know what? 

01:16:42 Adam 

I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen Oklahoma. Really, I don’t know that song, and I’ve I’ve. 

01:16:48 Adam 

I’m pretty sure I’ve played that song in band at some point. 

01:16:52 Daniel 

Yeah, I was in the play. I was one of the The The Chorus guys that would show up when someone who wanted to sing. 

01:16:59 Adam 


01:16:59 Daniel 

And I would just pop out of a Bale of hay somewhere, and just, you know, like. 

01:17:03 Daniel 

Here we go. Let’s see on this day in 1995, the world’s fattest man loses 2301 pounds. 

01:17:13 Adam 

Do you have like liposuction or something? I mean how do you lose that much weight in one day? 

01:17:18 Daniel 

Let’s see scale crunching. Buster Simkus weighed a whopping 2500. 

01:17:25 Daniel 

13 pounds and waddled through life like an overweight roaring Walrus Till he traded his T bones in bonbons, for carrot sticks and soda water. 

01:17:36 Daniel 

And shed an incredible 23101 pounds in eight short months. 

01:17:42 Adam 

Oh, so he didn’t lose it all in one day. 

01:17:44 Daniel 

I’d ’cause somebody there’s no possible way that a human being weighed 2513 pounds. 

01:17:52 Adam 

I don’t know, I I don’t know fat, you know. Well, we’ve talked about those feeding videos or whatever you know, haven’t we? 

01:18:02 Adam 

Where they like, sit there on YouTube and. 

01:18:05 Daniel 

We I talked about him with Scott on that Darn Elvis, but I don’t think we’ve ever talked about him on this show. 

01:18:10 Adam 

So this says. 

01:18:12 Daniel 

Amit, or a lozenge in your mouth I. 

01:18:14 Adam 

Do have ’em in my mouth, sorry. Usually I’m able to keep you from hearing it, but it clicked on my teeth. My apologies. 

01:18:21 Adam 

Uh, there was a man, John Brauer Minnick who lived from September 2941 to September 20, tenth, 1983. 

01:18:31 Adam 

At his peak weight, he was the heaviest human being ever recorded. 

01:18:37 Adam 

Weighing 1400 pounds. 

01:18:39 Daniel 

Yeah, so there’s no way that this guy was £1200. 

01:18:43 Adam 

So yeah, I think that might be fake news. 

01:18:45 Daniel 

I just don’t. I don’t think. I mean, you know, unless it was Donald Trump or something. I I would I would buy that in a heartbeat. They would just like. 

01:18:53 Daniel 

Anyway, Adam. 

01:18:56 Adam 

So are you cutting out the part where I my brilliant LCD touch buttons? Nope, because I did want to say I got him, I don’t. 

01:19:05 Daniel 

Cut things out of the final recording. Adam. Everything that goes out on the recording is what goes out. You know it’s what actually happened. 

01:19:12 Adam 

You mean where you forgot that we had a whole other segment you’re not cutting? 

01:19:15 Daniel 

Now, who’s being big Fatty? 

01:19:17 Daniel 

Anyway, if you want to send us an email as contact it mixed with this podcast.com you can send us a voicemail voicemail.mixminuspodcast.com. And yeah, we’d like to hear from you. 

01:19:28 Adam 

You know, I can only imagine. 

01:19:31 Adam 

So I’m looking at some pictures of these overweight people. 

01:19:34 Adam 

And I’m not making fun of them at all. When I say this, but I’ve I’ve gained a little bit of weight and my feet hurt and I can only imagine when you get some of those heavy weights. 

01:19:46 Adam 

That your feet would really hurt a lot and I don’t know. 

01:19:50 Adam 

I’m hoping when I lose these 30 pounds that you know I won’t have more pain. 

01:19:59 Adam 

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